From Hiroshima to Fukushima to You

Many current articles about the nuclear industry, safety and health effects, and waste. Recent reports include The Thorium "Dream Factory", Fraudulent At Birth: The history of nuclear power and Speculation on cancer of the pancreas.

RADIOACTIVE - Podcasts by Sarah Gabrielle Baron

Interviews with experts on nuclear power and nuclear waste in Canada, including Dr. Gordon Edwards and Mary Yett.

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan

The Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan (CCGS) is a non-partisan organization comprised of environmental, green, medical, health, rural, farm, civil society, ecumenical and other groups across the province. They support a renewable energy policy and oppose nuclear power.

Tundra Swans: Say No to High-Level Nuclear Waste Dump in Southern Ontario

A wealth of information on nuclear energy issues, the proposed Deep Geologic Repository – North America's first underground nuclear waste depository. It is a huge collection of many documents relevant to the proposed site which happens to be where the tundra swans have landed for millennia.

The Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute works to solve today's greatest energy challenges — reducing the harmful impacts of fossil fuels while supporting the transition to an energy system that is clean, safe and sustains a high quality of life.