Current Anti-Nuclear Campaigns

Nuclear Reactors for Saskatchewan?

The Saskatchewan Government's intention is to use taxpayer dollars to research and build small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs) in Saskatchewan. Not Clean! Not Green! Not Safe! (October 2020)

Article & References

Nuclear Waste Watch and ICUCEC's Submission to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Decommissioning of Saskatchewan Research Council SLOWPOKE-2 Reactor (Ref. 2019-H-100) August 2019

2019 Submission to CNSC

Environmental Groups Concerned about Demolition Plan for Saskatoon's SLOWPOKE-2

Article from CBC News, Saskatoon, August 2019

2019 CBC Article

The Myth of Consultation and Approval

This video "Nuclear Treaty" talks about the Collaboration Agreement which was pushed and passed in 2012 in Pinehouse first, then jammed through in English River First Nation. It includes the interview with Mike Natamagan and CBC show "As It Happens". Film by Myek O'Shea, 2013. 34 minutes

Video: Nuclear Treaty